Ports: Private Network delivers essential reliability for one of the UK's busiest ports.

As large ports face increased cargo volumes and demands for faster turnaround times, reliable connectivity has become critical. One of the UK's busiest ports needed a robust, port-wide network that would help it increase operating efficiencies and facilitate the adoption of autonomous vehicles and remote-controlled cranes. The network would also need to provide a solid foundation for the port's new terminal operating system.

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Private Networks Port of the future

Accelerating global trade in the port of the future

Today's ports are facing mounting challenges. The rise of the megaship with its massively increased container capacity and sheer size has created bottlenecks in ports all over the world with vessels regularly experiencing longer waiting times. As megaships become more prevalent and global trade continues to ramp up, ports are turning to technology to streamline operations and speed up the unloading and loading process.

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IoT Private Networks Automation Remote Control Port of the future