Wind Tre Business supporting Genoa smart port ambition with 5G mobile private network

Wind Tre Business supporting Genoa smart port ambition with 5G mobile private network

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October 16, 2023
Three Group Solutions

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Wind Tre Business has announced a collaboration with PSA Italy to provide a new 5G radio coverage system and data centre connectivity that will enable new IT functions at the Port of Genoa. 

PSA Italy, part of PSA International, operates three ports in Italy; the terminals of PSA Genoa Prà, PSA Sech and PSA Venice, handling over 2 million containers every year and employing more than 1,000 people. In 2015, the Port of Genoa launched a global renewal project, with the aim of making operations even more efficient, modern and safe. 

The initiative with Wind Tre will lead to the design, construction and installation of a high-performance 5G private network in the port terminal to support this aim. Ports are challenging industrial environments with specific needs so the solution needs to be reliable, secure, expandable, and able to provide high-performance connectivity, with reduced network latencies.

"We are at the proof of concept, an important step for this project in which we strongly believe: our company has an investment plan in new technologies, a market need that also and above all involves terminals and logistics” said Francesca Marchelli, Head of IT of the PSA Italy terminal in Genoa Pra.  “5G is the first step to face the future technological challenges that will impact the market and this project will enable us to develop new IT features to support the business and will allow us to be even more competitive."

The Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport has allocated 39,466,000 euros to Port Authorities for key infrastructure feasibility studies that will contribute to the economic development of the Nation. The smart port of the future plays an important role in both local and global economic growth. 

"Through the smart port project we intend to accelerate digitization in a sector that’s of great strategic importance for our country, where technological innovation can provide a very significant contribution to greater competitiveness and efficiency of infrastructures" said Maurizio Sedita, Chief Commercial Officer at Wind Tre.
"The initiative represents excellence in the field of services made available by Wind Tre Business thanks to the creation of a highly reliable and secure mobile private network, replicable in different logistical and industrial contexts".

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