Ports: Private Network delivers essential reliability for ports.

Ports: Private Network delivers essential reliability for ports.

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December 5, 2022
Keith Owen

Private Networks Port of the future article

As large ports face increased cargo volumes and demands for faster turnaround times, reliable connectivity has become critical. One of the UK's busiest ports needed a robust, port-wide network that would help it increase operating efficiencies and facilitate the adoption of autonomous vehicles and remote-controlled cranes. The network would also need to provide a solid foundation for the port's new terminal operating system.

The port had previously relied on a narrowband network. However, after upgrading its terminal operating system, the port discovered that the narrowband network could not deliver the necessary throughput to support the new OS. After considering several connectivity options, it became clear that a private network was the only solution that would meet the changing conditions of the port and provide guaranteed connectivity throughout the port terminal.

A private LTE network was installed at the port, bringing consistent 4G speeds to all areas of the terminal site. This always-on connectivity helped drive efficiencies by improving access to the operating system for all port drivers, who were able to seamlessly move from one job to the next.

In an industry judged by how fast ports can move containers on and off vessels, eliminating connectivity lags has made a dramatic difference. Guaranteed connectivity has also helped improve safety measures at the port, which now has complete visibility of all workers and vehicles at all times. And the private network means the port can confidently look to the future and the adoption of autonomous vehicles, robotics and remote-controlled cranes.


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