Airport: Private Network delivers enhanced team collaboration

Airport: Private Network delivers enhanced team collaboration

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December 5, 2022
Keith Owen

Private Networks Utilities and Infrastructure Utilities article

Increased passenger demand is leading to a significant growth in air travel, and airports all over the world are dealing with record numbers of aircraft and people. At one of the world’s busiest airports, an aircraft takes off and lands every 45 seconds. In this time-sensitive environment where seconds matter, communication is vital. The world's busiest two-runway airport needed a network that would facilitate collaboration between its teams and guarantee no communication failures to ensure the smooth running of this challenging environment.

At this airport, equipment, employees and vehicles are spread across its 4.7 square-mile airfield. Any communication gaps between teams and assets could have a significant impact on the arrival and departure of aircraft. After a consultation it became clear that the airport needed a dedicated and reliable network that was capable of bringing connectivity to all areas of the airfield that is unimpeded by passenger network demands. This always-available network would form an essential part of operations and provide essential oversight of employees and equipment.

A private LTE network was installed at the airport to address these issues, bringing consistent connectivity to all areas of the airfield. Increased reliability in communications has improved team collaboration and enhanced maintenance and safety procedures where multiple teams need to work together under tight deadlines. Engineers are now able to collect real-time data, reducing the time spent dealing with any issues, and with connectivity reaching every corner of the airfield, the airport can keep track of all its assets. The private network has also facilitated the rollout of remote stand entry guidance systems, boosting air traffic flow. As the airport looks to a digital and automated future it knows it has the foundational network in place to embrace new technologies.


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