IoT is changing the world for businesses — and beyond

IoT is changing the world for businesses — and beyond

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March 20, 2024
Three Group Solutions

Initially, IoT (the Internet of Things) was an idea ahead of its time. As early as 1997, technologists had begun exploring radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to allow physical devices to connect via microchips and wireless signals. In 1999, the phrase “the Internet of Things” was coined; a powerful concept for the radio technologies that were to come.

The radio technology landscape and IoT ecosystem has evolved exponentially since then — and we’ve seen the introduction and increasing sophistication of RFID chips, sensors, geolocation devices, network connectivity, smartphones, processing power, algorithms, and more. Now, it’s easier than ever for data to be remotely collected, stored, processed, and actioned upon. Which is why, in recent years, we’ve seen IoT establish itself as the foundation of paradigm-shifting innovation for industry.

Despite the widespread adoption of IoT, continuous technology advances mean we’re still in the relatively early days of IoT innovation. So, as IoT hits its quarter-century milestone, we’re taking a look at some of the ways different sectors are using the very latest in IoT innovation to unleash new standards of operating efficiency in this five-part series.

At the end of the day, IoT is about real-time visibility and better control and planning of assets, resources, and infrastructure. It’s never been easier for businesses across different sectors to plan, operate, and improve efficiency.

We’ve explored a few industry use cases in this series, but the possibilities are endless — and ever-evolving.

Keen to explore how IoT could be used to give your business a data-fuelled boost? We’re happy to talk. Get in touch with one of our experts or, if you’d prefer to do your own research first, read through our collection of IoT e-guides and solutions.