Beyond the Horizon: IoT’s impact on global supply chains

Beyond the Horizon: IoT’s impact on global supply chains

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March 20, 2024
Three Group Solutions

The use of IoT in shipping, manufacturing, and retail lends itself to better cross-border logistics and smoother supply chain operations. With IoT facilitating real-time tracking and monitoring of goods in production and transit, businesses can reduce the risk of delays and improve supply chain operations from manufacturing to journey to shelf.

Having visibility across the entire value chain is increasingly important. With better connectivity, different stakeholders in the supply chain have access to data which can inform sustainability reporting, as well as planning and business optimisation.

Predictive analytics and data-driven insights, fed by connected IoT devices, can help businesses along the supply chain enhance their decision making and responsiveness in the face of supply chain disruptions and fluctuating customer demand. With real-time access to location, condition, and performance of remote assets, it’s easier than ever for businesses to adapt to the unexpected — especially with the added strength of AI-powered predictive analytics.

All of this enhanced visibility can, in turn, be used to improve the efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability of global supply chains.


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