WatchOvers chooses IoT to bring new wearables product to market.

WatchOvers chooses IoT to bring new wearables product to market.

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December 5, 2022
Keith Owen

IoT Private Networks article

WatchOvers offers a range of 24/7 SOS wearables designed to work both indoors and outside. The device offers a GPS tracker, personal alarm and a voice-only mobile phone and is designed to be worn by people in vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and young children.

The company knew they needed an IoT solution that would ensure reliable 24-hour connectivity, but wasn’t sure how much voice and data bandwidth the device would generate. Reliable connectivity on every device regardless of where it was located was also a high priority. As a startup operating on tight margins, they needed to select a communications provider with care and one that would allow them to test the water without being tied into a price plan too early.

WatchOvers selected Three as they found them to be the most flexible, the most open and the most helpful when bringing the new product to market. Three’s global network infrastructure provides automatic connectivity with any international mobile network allowing the WatchOvers SOS feature to be used almost anywhere in the world. The 3IoT platform also allows for centralised visibility and management of any WatchOvers device.
The company, armed with a clearer picture of how voice and data were being used on the device, were able to set an automatic voice and data usage limit on each device and offer their customers a dependable connected device. The result is a company that has no concern about unforeseen connectivity costs and that can move ahead with developing its next wearables product with confidence.

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