Smart IoT SIMs for Vehicle Tracking and Dashcams

Smart IoT SIMs for Vehicle Tracking and Dashcams

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May 15, 2024
Richard Taylor

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On the right track: How IoT SIMs enable streamlined delivery and fleet safety

An IoT SIM (Internet of Things SIM), is a variation of the traditional SIMs we use in our smartphones with additional features designed for IoT devices.

IoT SIMs provide a more robust, secure, and flexible connectivity solution. This offers increased coverage, with the ability to connect to multiple networks in different regions, ensuring that IoT devices remain connected even in remote or hard-to-reach locations. Additionally, IoT SIMs come with an online self-management portal, allowing users to monitor and manage their IoT devices remotely, in real-time. In the context of vehicle tracking and dashcams, this means that the devices can transmit real-time information about a vehicle's location, speed, and other data to a central server or the cloud.

Businesses managing large fleets of vehicles are using IoT SIMs to track the location and movements of their vehicles in real-time, allowing them to optimise routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall efficiency. Data collected helps identify opportunities to save costs and enables accurate collection of information about carbon emissions required for both internal and customer carbon reporting.

Vehicle monitoring improves driver safety. Companies can use smart IoT SIMs to monitor driver behaviour, such as speeding, harsh braking, and sudden acceleration, helping to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Should a fleet vehicle fitted with an IoT SIM be involved in an accident or theft, the footage captured by the dashcam can be automatically uploaded to the cloud, ensuring that it is safely stored and easily accessible. This can help law enforcement to recover stolen vehicles and footage can be used as evidence to expedite the claims process and reduce the likelihood of disputes should you need to make an insurance claim. It is possible to trigger alerts when a vehicle leaves a prescribed operating zone.

At Three Group Solutions we’re experienced in providing wide network coverage paired with easy and quick IoT SIM installation to fleets operating in logistics, delivery and field service businesses. The data points our customers are gaining most value from understanding are:

  • Live location tracking
  • Camera footage
  • Driver behaviour information
  • Fuel/battery monitoring
  • Odometer
  • Historic journey playback

For a chat about how having this information readily available can help you optimise your fleet operations, please complete the form below and we’ll arrange a call with one of our IoT experts.