Retail: International retailer optimises resilience

Retail: International retailer optimises resilience

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December 6, 2022
Keith Owen

Retail Private Networks Utilities and Infrastructure Utilities article

Rapid expansion; it’s a problem that many companies would like to have, but when your original communications infrastructure is unable to keep up with your plans for growth, it can raise a number of challenges.

This was an issue experienced by a leading international retail outlet with sites in the UK, Ireland and the US. As the company experienced fast growth, they soon outgrew their network. They knew they needed to consider the alternatives if they were to continue expanding operations without any negative impact on business operations or customer experience.

Working closely with Three, the company migrated to a new high-capacity network with failover, robust security and scalability at its core. The managed solution was delivered across 3 countries and 340 sites and provided the company with high-capacity secure internet connections, optimised uptime and remote service management from a centralised dashboard. The result was an infrastructure that eliminated single points of failure, reduced connectivity costs by 40% a year and which will scale effortlessly and quickly in alignment with the company’s future requirements.


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