Driving the Best Performance from Private Networks

Driving the Best Performance from Private Networks

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August 31, 2020
Joe Parker - CEO, CKH IOD

Enterprise Solutions Private Networks article

This decade is all about performance, and enterprises will compete and win on their ability to deliver faster, with more efficiency and better communication right across the organisation.

Joe Parker, CKH IOD CEO, speaks here about these themes and organisations' need for high-speed private networks to deliver on short and long-term business goals.

Partnering for expertise

CKH IOD customers, like other enterprises, are investigating how they can achieve a performance edge with the help of robust, always-on, high-speed private networks. But as more solution providers come to market claiming to be able to deliver reliable LTE private networks, the challenge from the customer's perspective is how to choose the right partner from a crowded field. The answer lies in expertise: private networks are based on radio technology, which mobile operators have pioneered and mastered over decades. To achieve the anticipated business benefits of private networks, enterprises need that expertise right from the design stage:


Unlocking business value of technology now and in the future

Enterprises need to make the right technology investment decisions, and that means ensuring that new infrastructure and systems provide room to grow and allow the organisation the capability to innovate. That's where CKH IOD delivers value as a long-term technology partner, helping organisations put in place a high-performance private network today that can leverage everything 5G will offer, including supporting the zero-latency reliability demanded by fully automated systems and advanced robotics.


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