eSIM is heading for exponential growth. So what’s the hype and where's the opportunity?

eSIM is heading for exponential growth. So what’s the hype and where's the opportunity?

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July 11, 2023
Three Group Solutions


According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, 83% of smartphones shipped in 2030 will support eSIM. iPhone has supported eSIM since 2018 and most Samsung devices have supported eSIM since 2020.

eSIM benefits for consumers include running multiple SIMs in parallel to access the best data coverage, service and cost. Multiple phone numbers can be operated for work or personal use and one SIM can be prioritised for mobile data with another prioritised for voice & SMS. eSIM activation can be completed via an app or QR code and takes around two minutes. If you’re heading abroad, you can avoid incurring roaming costs by downloading a temporary local network eSIM.

As eSIM device penetration grows, so too do the business opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Private cellular networks have the ability to significantly improve capacity, performance and coverage in settings such as sporting and music events. It has been challenging for visitors to gain access to these networks historically if they are not existing customers of the network. Event organisers or sponsors can now deploy private networks and offer inclusive or upsell access via an easily downloadable eSIM in an event app or on-site QR codes.

Automotive manufacturers wanting to connect their vehicles across international markets – to ship once, connect everywhere – can use eSIMs to explore multiple connectivity options, and change individual SIM profiles to the most relevant mobile operator available in the final delivery destination.

Before eSIM, customers typically procured their SIM and connectivity service from a provider in their home country. eSIM enables anyone with a compatible handset to download a SIM profile from any MNO or MVNO, globally, based on their precise needs for any moment. You could be in a remote location where only one MNO provides coverage, or in a foreign country where an MVNO eSIM offers you more competitive roaming data rates.

eSIM presents a major opportunity to MNOs, MVNOs and, most importantly, customers. Find out more about Three Group Solutions wholesale services.

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