CKHIOD Launches Three Group Solutions

CKHIOD Launches Three Group Solutions

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November 25, 2022
Three Group Solutions

press release

CKH IOD is re-branding its Enterprise, Wholesale & IoT operation as Three Group Solutions to emphasise its close relationship with the local B2B operations of CK Hutchison’s mobile operators around the world, many of which also operate under the Three brand.

Three Group Solutions will continue to:

  • lead the global Enterprise, Wholesale & IoT products and sales initiatives of CKH IOD. It will also provide a familiar and common brand through which to promote the B2B success and activity of CK Hutchison’s mobile operators globally.
  • provide a single point of contact for Enterprise, Wholesale & IoT customers seeking to procure or deploy solutions internationally across CK Hutchison’s mobile networks and partners.
  • leverage CK Hutchison’s expertise in Ports, Logistics, Utilities, Manufacturing, and Retail and Property to deliver specialist sustainable IoT solutions.

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