Tapping into potential

Exploring the power of private networks

Your network coverage is a fundamental element underpinning your digital transformation journey. Securing the right network capabilities can open an array of opportunities to streamline and evolve business operations.

For large campus environments in particular, a private network represents an enabling platform for a dynamic range of innovative technologies – ranging from mobile robots and AR/VR, to autonomous vehicles. That’s real-world transformation, which in turn helps open up a world of fascinating new possibilities.

In the ebook Powering Digital transformation through private networks, these different use cases and more are explored to help uncover the key technical requirements involved. We detail factors such as throughput, low latency, connection density, and security – including an assessment of how each contributes to reliable coverage. In addition, you’ll find examples of how 5G private networks are already being used to drive automation, performance, and safety across a range of large-scale campus environments.

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